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Children's Christmas Party December 16th at the hall.


December 10,11,& 12 from 0700-0930 at the hall elections will be held for Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Trustees


11-11 Election ballot and dates posted to Election Committee page and emailed to members on website



4-15: Fish Fry info added to calendar

3-15 Link to Facebook page put on main page, click on "american flag IAFF logo" to enter. Also check for updated calendar events. 

2-8 New contact info put under "Board of Directors", Calendar updated for Feb. events. 

1-29-11 New January Heat Sheet put on website under Home page.

12-19: New Officers posted to Board of Directors Page. 

12-1 NPFF Election Info posted to website 


11/11: Email sent to members about union  meeting in Nov. and Kid's Xmas Party. Also info on Xmas party posted on calendar section. Photos from Fill the Boot also put on site.


9/10: Added round up of the Sept board meeting. Announcement of retirement of VP Steffens. MDA Fill the Boot report. "Why Unions Matter" editorial in Washington Post". Awardees of 2010 Whelen Scholarship....Check it all out!!!

8/23: 1st District VP Ray Steffens, has posted a new message under the VP page, also a link has been put on the main page going to the Va. Burn Camp

8/4 Rules for Whelen Scholarship posted on website under "members only" site. Vote on benefits for 9-1-1 benefits sent to members. Congress failed to pass these benefits for our members. 


7/29 All our registered members have been mailed info on the 2011 Chris Whelen Scholarship application a nd "Fill the Boot" info. Also info on the MDA golf tournament at Kings Mill. If you are a member of the local and want to keep up with what's going on REGISTER!!! The "Board of Director's Site" has also been updated, as we have a number of committees that need new chairpersons. If you are interested, call Cricket. All this info is also in it's appropriate place on the website 

If you are registered and not getting our emails, check your profile and email me if you have problems. or have info that you want put on the web or site..Ray


6/5  After spending another 3 weeks in SNGH after a relapse of my infection I have updated the webpage. The new BOD are on the BOD page and I have posted my June message to the membership on the Welcome Page. 

4/30: After 2 months, I was released from NGH on Tuesday and am home. Thanks to all of you who stopped by, called, offered assistance or best wishes.

I have added info on upcoming Union Meetings to the "About Us" area. Council Endorsements are also there. I have also put information for both the Burn Camp and MDA Camp for the kids under "About Us" and Information on the "Over 40 Softball team" for Maryland the weekend after Labor Day is under the "Members Only" section since only members can be on the team. 

4/2 Calendar was updated, info on Cent ral Va. Burn camp has been added to "About Us". Remember the union meeting is this coming week....

2/21: VP Steffens has posted his February message to the membership on the About Us page

2/12: Update on Kyle G avin under "Members Only". We did not get a quorum for the Feb. meeting so there will be no minutes. St. Patricks Day shirts are in call your Dist. VP to purchase. $15 for tees. More for sweats. If we don't have your size Cricket can order it. They come in med. blue and green.  

2/1: Super Bowl Party Info in Home Page area (need RSVPs guys) and Ronnie Tofton condition update in Members Only area.  

1/25 a NEW January Heat Sheet, new reports from VPs Steffens and Nelson, under "home page". Ronnie Tofton Update in members only section.   

1/22: I have put p hotos from the Legislative Seminar on the webpage and VP Nelson and myself have posted reports. There is also a grid on the VPFF page under "Virginia Bills" on their main page which tracks all the bills we are watching and what our positions are on them. You can get there by clicking on the VPFF logo on the "home page". The session lasts until April and funds that are cut from the city budget mean funds cut from city services. So please lobby your legislator to protect city and fire programs funding. 


1/16 Added link to streaming audio of our fire calls, click on NFR patch logo and updated members list. Also, we have full sized shift calendars and they were sent out at the January meeting to the members of stations who came to the meeting

1/2 For those wanting shift calendars, click on the calendar on the website and then click on "Yearly View" and you can print it out from the website and alter it to your needs on your computer. 

12/31: Happy New Year, we have LOCAL photos on the RSS header now. We also have updated information on the VPFF Legislative Seminar. Lastly there is a report on what happened at the December meeting under Members Only. Wishing you all a Happy New Year

12/19: Dec 10th meeting happenings posted under Member's Only section. VP article on Norfolk budget shortfall posted under "Home". Members applying for access have been approved. Election results posted under "Election 09 Results" on Home page. VP Steffens has put a new message under "about us" jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> pan>

12/6" Reminder sent on Elections, article on problems at VRS put on "About Us" section  Also Photos of Kids Christmas party posted under "Photos". 1st Dist. VP Message has been updated.


11/20  Updated info on Kids and Member's Xmas parties posted. Election info updated, but ballot info and election info is yet to come. We do have contested offices. And note that more info can be found by members by clicking on "RSS FEED" icon in the top right corner of the home page. It will lead you to URL's for sites and info posted on the webpage. Also, Trustee Mark Johnson's bio has been updated.


11/18 Retirees Party rescheduled for Station 9 on Nov 21st


11/17  Retirees Party Postponed, see info in Committees area. Union Meeting rescheduled to 11/18


11/7: Recent member applications have been updated, Calendar has been updated



11/4  Information on Kids Xmas party in Members Only section



10/29: Nominations for Local 68 Office put under "About Us" and "Local 68 Nominations for Office" and under Members Only section "Nominating Committee"

10/27: VP Steffens has updated his message under "1st Dist VP Message". New members have been updated


10/23 Our History added to "About Us" section 


10/20 Entered info on Lt. Brady's Retirement Celebration on web page calendar. Also put info on how to donate to Central Va. Burn Camp through United Way under "Members Section" and then "Committees". Updated other sections of webpage. Info for Kids Christmas party also put on web page.  Arrangements for Adult Xmas party are still being finalized.   




10/16 Updated info on Retirees Luncheon and calendar updated for dates on future events 


10/9  Update calendar, start entering bios under Board of Directors, added members to "members only section" 

10/6  Passing of Carl Nordwall under Memorial section  


10/5 Site updated and all applicants added to "members only " section


10/1 Information from Cricket on AFLAC and more photos posted 


9/25: Calendar updated with Retirees Luncheon info  


9-18  Many new photos on photos page in Members Only section most courtesy of Lt. Bailie  


9-12 New 1st Dist. VP letter under "President's Message" in the Members Only Section 






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